Ender Peker
Istanbul Policy Center, Sabancı University (Istanbul)
08. April 2019 - 26. April 2019

Ender Peker, Mercator-IPC Fellow at the Istanbul Policy Center, Sabancı University, is a post-doctoral researcher specializing in climate responsive urban design, in particular the ways in which the built environment is co-designed by technical rules, regulations, and codes that seek to order urban life in deference to inhabitants’ socio-ecologic values. Ender holds a PhD in Real Estate and Planning from the University of Reading, UK, and a MSc degree in Urban Design from Middle East Technical University (METU). He completed undergraduate courses in city and regional planning at METU and economics at Anadolu University, Turkey.

Ender worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the British Institute at Ankara (BIAA) and Middle East Technical University. He also worked in the Joint Centre for Urban Design at Oxford Brookes University and the Department of Planning and Landscape at the University of Manchester as a visiting researcher. His research interests cut across the following themes: (i) urban design and the built environment, (ii) climate responsive design and architecture, and (iii) governance of sustainable urban development.