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The annual IRS Spring Academy offers around 25 young researchers the opportunity to discuss theoretical and methodological approaches to spatial social research with renowned experts and to present their own projects to an international audience. more infos

The IRS Lectures on Society and Space are held by internationally renowned scientists who are invited by the IRS for a short stay at the Institute. On the following day, the speaker and the IRS doctoral students will discuss current theoretical and methodological approaches in a PhD seminar. more infos

The IRS Seminars offer researchers a flexible framework for various lecture and discussion formats to highlight and present their work in the context of IRS research. more infos

The "Brandenburg Regional Talks" are a series of transfer events that the IRS holds twice a year. The talks address politicians, researchers and members of civil society, culture, economy and andministration form the federeal state of Brandenburg an beyond. more infos

This workshop series has been held for over twenty years and provides a forum for interdisciplinary debate among junior researchers and established scholars on manifold issues relating to the history of urban planning in the German Democratic Republic (GDR). The series provides a space for academic discussion on the legacy of Eastern European and GDR urban planning within the history of modernist European urban development. It brings together not just academics but also former urban planners and architects from the GDR as historical witnesses. more infos

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Workshop Series on the History of Building and Planning


„The IRS resolutely opposes implicit and explicit discrimination, exclusion and xenophobic attitudes by individuals or groups at its own events and in day-to-day interactions and, if necessary, makes use of its domiciliary rights“.