IRS Publication Series

The IRS maintains several publication series of its own. "IRS Dialog" is an umbrella format for the publication of research reports, working papers and policy papers. The magazine "IRS aktuell" informs the interested public about the subject matters of IRS research as well as its practical relevance. Together with other spatial science institutes, the IRS publishes the journal "Raumforschung und Raumordnung | Spatial Research and Planning".


The IRS has been publishing its own magazine "IRS aktuell" since 1993. It provides information about IRS research and its relevance to current social issues in an understandable way. In addition, the magazine is also regularly devoted to strategic and science policy issues. more infos

"Spatial Research and Planning" is an international, interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed journal for spatial science research. It is published jointly by the spatial science institutes of the Leibniz Association. The journal has been published by oekom verlag since the beginning of 2021 in the Open Access publication model (Gold Open Access). more infos

In the Institute podcast Society@Space, researchers and guests of the IRS talk about their work. They explain the results they have come to, why they are important for society and what motivates them to conduct research. more infos

The IRS Dialog series publishes working papers that reflect the status of scientific articles. They are published without peer review. Their aim is to make research results quickly accessible for scientific discussion. more infos

IRS Dialog Policy Papers present recommendations for practice in politics, administration and civil society that are developed from the Institute's research findings. They are shorter and more pointed than academic publications. more infos

Research papers are published under the umbrella of IRS Dialog. They provide information on ongoing or completed research projects. Detailed data collections and final project reports are made available to the public. more infos