The Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space is conducting problem-oriented basic research on development capacity, versatility and adaptability of space and thus the spatial dimension of social action in local, national and international relations. The cooperation of the five research departments of the IRS focuses on the central fields of research on society and space:

Dynamics of Economic Spaces

Institutional Change and Regional Public Goods

Dynamics of Communication, Knowledge and Spatial Development

Regeneration of Cities and Towns

Department for Historical Research


Scientific Collections for the History of Building and Planning in the GDR

Research on society and space at IRS is based on the interdisciplinary expertise of the approximately 40 researchers of the disciplines economic and social geography, political sciences, social sciences, planning sciences, historical sciences as well as art history and architecture history.

As an non-university research institute and member of the Leibniz Association the IRS is scientifically independent. The basic funding is made by grants from the state of Brandenburg together with the federal government and the governments of the other states according to the implementation agreement of the Joint Science Conference about the common funding of the federal government and the federal states. The IRS is perceiving its statutory tasks under private law in the legal form of a registered association.

Leibniz Association

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