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Felix Müller and, by proxy, Gerhard Mahnken are available for press enquiries. They can assess whether expertise to answer your question is available at the IRS and establish contact with the respective experts. more infos

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The IRS has been publishing its own magazine “IRS aktuell” since 1993. It informs in a comprehensible way about the research work of the IRS and its relevance to current societal issues. In addition, the magazine is frequently devoted to strategic and science policy issues. more infos

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The „IRS Dialog“ series serves as a roof publication for the dissemination of findings from IRS research beyond established academic formats such as journal articles and books. Through this channel, the IRS makes its research accessible to the public directly and simply. more infos


In the Institute's podcast Society@Space, researchers and guests of the IRS talk about their work. They explain what results they have arrived at, why these are important for society and what motivates them to do research themselves. more infos

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The IRS Annual is published every two years and offers readers an exciting insight into the IRS activities of the previous two years in the areas of research, knowledge transfer, archival activities, international networking, career support and publications. more infos

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In the IRS video channel, you will find recordings of lectures, International Lectures, the Brandenburg Regional Talks (Brandenburger Regionalgespräche) of the IRS, the IRS Spring Academy and other events. In addition, the channel also shows videos created in research projects. more infos