Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space e.V. (IRS)
Flakenstraße 29-31
15537 Erkner

T +49 3362 793 - 0
F +49 3362 793 - 111

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Located in the Brandenburg town of Erkner on the southeastern outskirts of Berlin, the IRS lies between the big city and the countryside. The route from the train station in Erkner to the Institute takes visitors and guests over the newly built bridge named after Leo Hendrik Baekeland and across the Flakenfließ watercourse.

From both the S-Bahn station and the Regional Train, platforms you turn left, following the signpost to the IRS located on the square. You then cross the road at the traffic lights, walk towards the right-hand side of the bus stops in the direction of the ‘Stadthalle’ (City Hall). Walk past the ‘Stadthalle’, keeping it on your right-hand side, and across the car park until you come to the bridge. At the end of the bridge, please take the stairs going down on the left-hand side and follow the short path to the IRS.

Getting to Erkner from Schönefeld Airport

Arriving at Schönefeld Airport you exit the building and follow the signs to the Schönefeld Train Station (a five-minute walk). There you take the Urban Train (S-Bahn) Line 9 headed for Spandau and exit at Ostbahnhof. There you change for the Regionalbahn RE1 headed for Frankfurt/Oder and exit at Erkner.