Management Board

The Director, the Deputy Director and the Head of Administration form the Management Board. The Director leads and represents the Institute and manages its scientific activities. The Deputy Director takes over this responsibility in case of vacancy of the position of Director or if the Director is absent. The Head of Administration manages the Institute’s administrative activities and is responsible for the budget according to the state budget code of the German federal state of Brandenburg. The Management Board must act in accordance to decisions by the General Assembly.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Development and implementation of long-term strategy
  • Development of medium-term research programme and preparation of yearly budget
  • Maintenance of cultural assets of the Scientific Collections for the History of Building and Planning in the GDR
  • Human resource management
  • Management of budget system
  • Reporting on the institute’s activities to the General Assembly
  • Preparation of the General Assembly’s meetings and responsibility for the implementation of the General Assembly’s decisions
  • Cooperation with universities and colleges, research organisations and other national and international organisations