Anti-Corruption Officer

Implementing the Federal Directive for the Prevention of Corruption, the IRS management has appointed an anti-corruption officer. His/her responsibilities include corruption-related risk assessments, the design and implementation of a prevention system as well as regular trainings of IRS employees and executives. While performing his/her tasks, he/she works independently and is not bound by instructions. He/she supports and advises the IRS management in matters of corruption-prevention.

Data Security Officer

In the context of the scientific work on the IRS´s research projects, data are largely recorded, stored, processed and assessed. Furthermore, both the administration and the Dept. of Scientific Management handle personal data, among others. The data security officer takes care that in the context of these processes the Federal Data Protection Act and other regulations on data protection are kept. He/she analyses and controls the Institute´s data protection measures and makes suggestions for their improvement.

Knowledge Transfer & Public Affairs

Equal Opportunities Officer


The general assembly of the Leibniz Association passed “Recommendations made by the Leibniz Association for safeguarding good scientific practice and handling complaints concerning scientific misconduct” on 27.11.2015. In the context of its own responsibilities, the IRS protects science and itself from falsifications and takes action against the misuse and manipulation of scientific results.