Institute for Urban Planning and Architecture (ISA)

The GDR Academy of Buildings's Institute for Urban Planning and Architecture (ISA) engaged in the central tasks of basic research and evaluation, and was a significant actor in East German architecture. In 1992, the present day IRS was founded as a successor institution to the ISA and given a new agenda. Working and research documents from the former ISA comprise the core of archive material held by the Scientific Collections.

The ISA holding of the Scientific Collections is organized in accordance to the ISA's operating structure and research areas (finding aids for the respective departments are listed in brackets and accessible via link).

Further ISA records formerly held by the Central Archives of the GDR Academy of Building can be found at the German Federal Archives, which also hold a large collection of building plans.

Beständeübersicht der Wissenschaftlichen Sammlungen

Die Bestände der Wissenschaftlichen Sammlungen sind überblicksartig in einem Online-Findbuch erschlossen, das systematische Einblicke in die fünf Bestandsgruppen des Archivs gibt. Detaillierte Findbücher zu einzelnen Beständen sind darüber hinaus punktuell verfügbar.