Third-party funded project

Energy Transition in Social Space – Subproject: Social Research (ESRa)

Research Department: Institutional Change and Regional Public Goods Dynamics of Economic Spaces

IRS Research Topic: Spatial Path Development and Institutional Change New Vulnerabilities and Resilience Strategies Research on Innovation Processes

Project Leader within IRS: Prof. Dr. Oliver Ibert

Project Team: Eva Eichenauer Dr. Peter Ulrich Janne Lis Irmisch

Consortium: GCF – Global Climate Forum e.V. (Coordination) Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space Fraunhofer-Institut für Energiewirtschaft und Energiesystemtechnik Germanwatch e.V. Institut für Klimaschutz, Energie und Mobilität. Recht, Ökonomie und Politik e.V.

Funding Organization: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)

Duration: 08/2020 - 01/2022

Berlin-tempelhof ufafabrik-photovoltaics
Berlin-tempelhof ufafabrik-photovoltaics

The ESRa project examines factors that characterize regions with a predominantly positive attitude towards energy system transformation from regions with a negative attitude. The project aims at explaining how these factors can be influenced with regard to the realization of a successful energy transition. The project relates this question to the phenomenon of increasing regional disparities and the drifting apart of regions concerning those that draw advantage from globalization processes and those that do not. The success of an energy system transformation will depend considerably on helping less favorably equipped regions to develop and use such resources and skills.

To analyze key factors influencing these socio-spatial dynamics, the project will conduct a comparative analysis of two case studies, one which is the city of Berlin and one which is the district of Spree-Neisse in Lusatia. The IRS will examine attitudes towards energy system transformation and spatial disparities. It also develops scenarios and options for action for implementing energy system transformation in different regional contexts. The inter- and transdisciplinary project is coordinated by the Global Climate Forum.