IRS International Lectures on Society and Space

The IRS established the "International Lectures on Society and Space" in 2013 as a series of events which features guest lectures by internationally renowned researches in the field of social and spatial sciences. Twice a year a guest talks on a topic of his or her own choice and holds a PhD seminar for the IRS doctoral students. The purpose of the events is to bring together IRS researches with international scholars and other guests to discuss current trends and topics of research on society and space. On these occasions new perspectives on common empiral subjects are revealed and potential collaborations open up.

Current and past IRS International Lectures

Selected Lectures in the Video Channel

Prof. Kevin Ward: "Assembling urban policy as an exercise in worlding the city"
Univ.-Prof. Yuri Kazepov: "From Citizenship to Cit(y)zenship: Why Cities Are Becoming More Important"
Prof. Saskia Sassen: "Expulsions: A Category for Our Age"