Federico Savini
University of Amsterdam
15. März 2015 - 25. März 2015

Federico Savini is Assistant Professor (UD) at the University of Amsterdam. He has a background in Sociology and Political Science and combines it with applied research on urban and regional planning. His PhD focused on the political dynamics of planning projects in the Urban Periphery in Milan, Amsterdam, Paris. He conducted research about deliberative democracy, urban regeneration policies, brownfield redevelopment, metropolitan governance and urban politics in several EU countries.

He is currently project coordinator of APRILab, a EU funded project in cooperation with the University of Aalto, Yildiz Technical University of Istanbul and the University of Aalborg. The project focuses on the financial, legal and design elements of development projects within peripheral and suburban areas. The project particularly investigates and experiments with the context specific ways to deal with the tension between adaptation and continuity in urban development. He is engaged in action-oriented research within this field, experimenting with communities of practice and living labs and cooperates with the city of Amsterdam in several ongoing projects.