In IRS’s research on society and space the investigation of the two-way structuring of institutions and governance is a fundamental research topic. Institutions are all the phenomena that create compulsory regular actions or from which relatively stable actions could be derived respectively. These phenomena cover a wide range from internalised conventions to societal rules and norms. The institutional research of the IRS focuses on constructions of space that become stabilised because of the range and validity of formal and informal institutions.

In different research projects and departments the IRS conducts research on the dynamics of institutions. In this context creating and sustaining spatial development paths is of particular interest as well as the spatially-related change of institutional systems and regimes, for example in transition research.

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UFZ-Energy Day
© André Künzelmann/UFZ
24. September | 2018 - 25. September | 2018

Understanding the challenges associated with new energy landscapes and exploring potential solutions is the focus of the Energy Days 2018. The conference will foster the exchange between land-use-oriented energy research at the UFZ and the national and international scientific community. Dr. Ludger Gailing, acting head of the IRS research department "Institutional Change and Regional Public Goods", is co-organizing the event. more infos