IRS researchers publish their scientific results in common formats such as monographs and anthologies, journal articles and working and discussion papers. Furthermore, the institute acts as a publisher of a series of IRS Working Papers and - together with the other members of the 5R-Network of spatial research instutes of the Leibniz-Association - of the peer reviewed scientific journal "Raumforschung und Raumordnung".

The IRS endeavours to publish its research findings in accordance with the principle of Open Access. It does so most directly through publication in Open Access media and – where legally permitted – through parallel or subsequent provision of access to publications via document servers (repositories). more infos

"Spatial Research and Planning" is an international peer-reviewed journal integration various disciplines under the umbrella of a spatial research perspective. It is being published by the 5R network of spatial research institutes of the Leibniz Association. As of 2019 it will be published open access at De Gruyter Open. more infos

In this series IRS researchers publish insights and thoughts directly from their research. The working papers are exclusively published online. Very often they represent preliminary stages of future journal articles or contributions to books. more infos

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