Qualification project

Negotiating Diversity: A Comparative Perspective on Urban Development Strategies, Economic Imperatives and Diversity

Research Department: Regeneration of Cities and Towns

IRS Research Topic: Spatial Path Development and Institutional Change

Duration: 07/2016 - 09/2019

For decades, urban developers and urban researchers have devoted attention to issues of ethnic and cultural diversity. Other aspects of diversity, however, have been somewhat neglected. Sexual diversity, in particular, has received very little attention in the German speaking world. This is why Jesko Meißel is studying the way in which “sexual diversity” has been constructed and incorporated into observable urban transformation processes from a comparative perspective for his PhD project. As cities compete for capital on the translocal/international level, more and more municipal administrations place emphasis on social diversity. In this context, the notions of tolerance and cosmopolitanism are not only harnessed for urban marketing, but may actually herald a transformation of participatory structures for urban minorities. It remains to be seen, therefore, whether these developments produce novel ways of negotiating sexual diversity and create new participatory processes in cities with different political, spatial and historical parameters.