Third-party funded project

Museums as Showcases into a New World

Research Department: Regeneration of Cities and Towns

IRS Research Topic: New Vulnerabilities and Resilience Strategies

Project Leader within IRS: Prof. Dr. Felicitas Hillmann

Project Team: Ljudmila Belkin

Consortium: Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space (Coordination) Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Museum

Funding Organization: Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Duration: 03/2016 - 12/2016


This project has connected and provided advanced training to museum staff and other interested parties, helping them reflect on how museums might tackle the topic of migration. For this purpose, three events (in October, November and December 2016) were held in the Berlin/Brandenburg region to fostering dialogue over the way regional museums might portray and explain the increased flow of asylum-seekers to Europe since 2015. This sparked a lively debate, yet many questions remain unanswered. For instance, can museums mediate between global processes and local needs? Can museums and collections potentially contribute to a better understanding of our globalised, war-stricken world and of forced migration? How are museums currently addressing such topics, and in what sense do they cater to different kinds of visitors? A major objective of this event series consisted in proving a framework for expert discussion and for fostering dialogue among various actors. The series brought together museum experts, scholars, civil society actors and municipal decision-makers concerned with immigration policy. This raised awareness among museum experts for the complex topic of migration, and also for the role that museums can adopt in the context of urban regeneration and migration. The IRS provided an academic framework for the events series. Ultimately, talks by and debate among the participants will culminate the publication of a brochure with advice on how regional museums might tackle the complex issue of migration and asylum.


Belkin, L., & Hillmann, F. Museen als Schaufenster in die neue Welt: Handreichungen für die Museumsarbeit