Third-party funded project

Integration of Refugees and Asylum-Seekers into the Regular Housing Market

Research Department: Regeneration of Cities and Towns

IRS Research Topic: Crisis and Resilience in Multi-level Governance Forms and Implications of Spatial Governance

Project Leader within IRS: Dr. Anja Nelle

Consortium: Institut für Stadtforschung und Strukturpolitik GmbH (Coordination) Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space

Funding Organization: Bundesinstitut für Bau-, Stadt- und Raumforschung

Duration: 10/2016 - 07/2017

Foto: Anja Nelle
Foto: Anja Nelle
Foto: Anja Nelle
Foto: Anja Nelle

The number of refugees and asylum-seekers increased considerably over the last years in Germany with a peak in 2015. Cities and communities are faced with various challenges and integration-requirements. The research project focusses on adequate housing provision as an important component of integration. It analyses to what extent refugees find housing on the regular housing market. Additionally the study looks at the regional distribution and forms of accommodation during and after the process of seeking asylum.

Available data are used to show the regional distribution of people with a migration background of refugees. The quantitative data as well as research results concerning municipal integration concepts as well as strategies aiming at the provision of accommodation and housing for refugees form the basis for selection of ten case studies. The case studies are designed to analyse accommodation concepts and their implementation. It is researched to what extent the integration in the regular housing market is successful, if the provision builds on group accommodation or individual housing units, which neighbourhoods and which types of accommodation are in demand and on offer, which assistance is offered and sought and how the rent contracts are designed. The project aims at producing suggestions for the German federal housing policies.



Nelle, A., Aehnelt, R., Schwarze, K., & Förste, D. Integration von Flüchtlingen in den regulären Wohnungsmarkt