The Scientific Collections constitute an important specialized academic archive documenting the more recent building and planning history of East Germany with an emphasis on the GDR era. They serve as a repository for personal papers of architects and planners and include drawings, plans, written documents and photographs. The collections enjoy steady growth as a result of continuous acquisitions. The purpose of the Scientific Collections is to support historical research at IRS (bringing together researchers and archivists) and to make the holdings accessible to the expert community comprised of preservationists, architects and journalists. Numerous digitised objects from the collections are available on the portals, and

It has become increasingly important for the Scientific Collections to make their holdings accessible to the broader public. To this end, exhibitions showcasing the work of individual architects take place in the IRS archive pavilion or other venues.

Online Portal
The online portal makes information and sources on the history of building and planning in the former GDR available and provides insight into selected collections and items.

The Scientific Collections comprise documents from the former Institute for Urban Planning and Architecture (ISA), the GDR Association of German Architects (BdA), and approximately 90 personal collections from East German architects and planners. more infos

This workshop series has been held for over twenty years and provides a forum for interdisciplinary debate among junior researchers and established scholars on manifold issues relating to the history of urban planning in the German Democratic Republic (GDR). The series provides a space for academic discussion on the legacy of Eastern European and GDR urban planning within the history of modernist European urban development. It brings together not just academics but also former urban planners and architects from the GDR as historical witnesses. more infos

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The holdings of the Scientific Collections can be viewed by previous appointment (preferably by e-mail).

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