Research Information System

The IRS was among the first Leibniz institutes to introduce a modern research information system, PURE by Elsevier, in 2015. The software aggregates and organises data on the institute's research, consulting and knowledge transfer efforts. PURE stores meta-data on publications, funding applications, research projects, lectures, events, committees, press reports and numerous other activities. It can also process and issue data to suit various objectives. PURE therefore plays a central role in reporting and research management. It is also essential for public relations efforts and is strongly interlinked with the IRS website.

PURE can also store documents such as articles or publications for internal use, or make available Open Access publications on the institute's website. It includes elaborate quality control workflows and allows data to be processed in many different ways in the reporting module. In addition, the software is continuously updated by Elsevier. As such, the IRS has invested in a software infrastructure that is viable for the future, optimises research management processes and administrative matters, and thereby frees up resources for the institute's main purpose, which is to conduct research.

Head of Research Management and Communication