Research Data Management

The IRS considers managing research data in a responsible and sustainable manner crucial to good academic practice, as this allows research findings to be replicated and hence verified. It is for this reason that the IRS is developing a management plan for research data with the purpose of archiving these data in a structured and well documented way. This will be done in cooperation with IRS scholars. Where possible, the data will be made available to the entire institute and the general public.

The institute's efforts to implement research data management in an active and effective way build on the research data life cycle. The cycle begins with gathering data and is followed by processing and archiving the information. Depending on the project, research data is sometimes destroyed afterwards.

Implementing research data management at the IRS ensures that legislators' and potential research funders' expectations and requirements are fulfilled, and that ethical and data privacy standards are met. The institute's office for "Research Management and Communication" is tasked with and responsible for implementing this project.

Head of Research Management and Communication