Research Data Management

The IRS sees the responsible and sustainable handling of research data as an important element in the transparency and verifiability of the scientific research process, and thus as a basic precept in ensuring good scientific practice. In implementing active and effective research data management, it is ensured that both the expectations of academic policy and the requirements of potential funders, as well as ethical standards and data protection regulations, are fulfilled.

The research data management practised by researchers at the IRS aims to provide well-structured and documented archiving of the research data obtained and utilised within the course of the research and – as far as is possible in the context of the individual project – to make it accessible.

Running parallel to the research data cycle, management of research data at the IRS begins with the planning of the project and continues through to the collection, processing, archiving, and possibly disposal of data generated in the course of research. In May 2018, the IRS adopted its “Guidelines on the Handling of Research Data”.