Martin Stabler
Research Associate | Economy and Civil Society

Martin Stabler joined the IRS as a research associate in February of 2022. He works on the project "Socio-Spatial Diffusion of COVID-19 in Germany (CoDiff)" in the Research Area "Economy and Civil Society". He studied geography at Freie Universität of Berlin. His bachelor thesis dealt with microfinance projects in the Gunt Valley of the West Pamir in Tajikistan. In the master's program "Geographical Development Studies" at the FU Berlin, field research in Kyrgyzstan followed in a project investigating water supply in rural areas. In his master's thesis, Martin Stabler dealt with the spatialization of crises and conducted a discourse analysis on the European crisis in the context of migration movements in 2015. From 2020 to 2022, he worked as a researcher at Freie Universität Berlin in the DFG-funded research project "Small is beautiful? Rural transformation and production networks of smallholder tea farming in Assam, India." Since February 2022 Martin Stabler is a research associate in the project "Socio-spatial Diffusion of COVID-19 in Germany (CoDiff)" of the research focus "Economy and Civil Society".

His research interests include topics in human and economic geography such as global production networks, global value chains and spatial diffusion. Methodically, he has been involved in qualitative case studies and currently applies the techniques of spatial data science in his work.


Ongoing Third-party Funded Projects

Arguably unlike any other pandemic before, COVID-19 has been monitored and mapped in detail, enabling fine-grained analysis. So far, the trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic followed a non-linear trajectory known from previous pandemics with a wave pattern implying phases of acceleration and deceleration. This research project starts from the premise, that there is unused potential in using tempo-spatial data to understand pandemic outbreaks. It aims to analyze the trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany through a process perspective to detect spatio-temporal patterns of diffusion. more info


Socio-Spatial Diffusion of COVID-19 in Germany

19th International Medical Geography Symposium

Edinburgh, United Kingdom