Kathrin Meißner
Research Associate | Department for Historical Research

Since April 2017 Kathrin Meißner is working as a research associate in the third-party funded projekt "The mediatisation of urban development planning and changes to the public sphere (MedPlan)" in the "Department for Historical Research" at the IRS. Connected to this project she is conducting her dissertation project on visualisiation processes and their applications in the media in discourses on urban planning in 20th century Berlin. 

Kathrin Meißner studied history of the 19th and 20th century, human geography and historical urbanism at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, the Freie Universität Berlin and the Technische Universität Berlin. In her final thesis she addressed the reception of the "Berliner Mietskaserne" - a form of working class tenement housing - in urban research from the late 19th to the late 20th century. Kathrin Meißner previously worked for various organisations in the field of urban research, such as the Deutsche Institut für Urbanistik and the Center for Metropolitan Studies at the Technische Universität Berlin.

Research Interest and Expertise

Research Foci
History of Berlin
Media History
Urban Research
Visualisation in Urban Planning
Civic Participation
Historical Urban Research
Historical Sciences
Urban Studies
Foci in Methods and Concepts
Comparative History
Visual Data Analysis
Hermeneutic Approaches


Ongoing Third-party Funded Projects

The third-party funded, cross-departmental 'MedPlan' research project examines how new media is changing urban development planning. IRS scholars combine approaches from communication and planning studies with a historical perspective on the mediatisation of 20th century urban planning. In addition, the 'MedPlan' project tests a new format for promoting young researchers. more info

Selected Publications by Year

Meißner, K. (2017). Die Berliner "Mietskaserne": Eine Diskursgeschichte zu Ursprung, Ubiquität und Unbestimmtheit eines Begriffs. Forum Stadt, 44(4), 371-385.

Selected Publications by Type

Journal Articles
Meißner, K. (2017). Die Berliner "Mietskaserne": Eine Diskursgeschichte zu Ursprung, Ubiquität und Unbestimmtheit eines Begriffs. Forum Stadt, 44(4), 371-385.



52. Deutscher Historikertag

September/25/2018 Münster

14th International Conference on Urban History

August/31/2018 Rom

Mediatisation, Planning and the Urban Public Sphere in a Historical Perspective

Mediatisation Visualisation and Participation in Urban Planning Theoretical Approaches and Methodological Challenges

March/05/2018 Berlin

Die Altstadt als Ressource der europäischen Diktatur im 20. Jahrhundert am Beispiel Angolas während des Estado Novo

June/24/2017 Berlin

'Mehr Licht, Mehr Luft'-Forderungen und deren Relevanz für die Berliner Wohnungsfrage und Sozialmoral im späten 19. Jahrhundert.

GSU-Nachwuchskonferenz "Urbane Elemente. Licht, Luft, Feuer und Wasser in der Geschichte und Gegenwart der Stadtentwicklung"

June/23/2017 Berlin

The term 'Berliner Mietskaserne'. Illustrating Berlin's housing problems in the 1870s in contemporary public discourses and its adaption in emerging urban science

Cities and Science. Urban History and the History of Science in the Study of Early Modern and Modern Europe

July/20/2016 Budapest

The Phenomenon of ‚Berliner Mietskaserne‘. A study on the historical formation of its name, dynamic and the linguistic embodiment of Berlin’s housing problems in the late 19th century

The Victorian Metropolis. A Transcultural Perspective on London & Berlin

April/24/2016 Potsdam