Jesko Meißel
Research Associate | Regeneration of Cities and Towns

Jesko Meißel is a doctoral candidate at the research department "Regeneration of Cities and Towns.

Meißel studied Geography at the University of Hanover and at Cardiff University and obtained a Master’s degree in Urban Geography from Goethe University Frankfurt. He also worked as a student assistant for the Academy of Spatial Planning and Research in Hanover and for the Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education in Frankfurt am Main. He complemented these experiences with internships at the Senate Department for Urban Development in Berlin and the Geographical Society of Berlin. He is also a member of Junges Forum of the Academy for Spatial Research and Planning (ARL). In his Master’s thesis Meißel was once again concerned with the city of Berlin, this time analyzing the local political, practical and discursive outcomes of a paradigm shift in urban immigrant integration policies.

His research emphasizes on the spatial dimension and governance of social and demographic diversity/inequality. He is also strongly interested in the links between globalization and urban transformation. In his dissertation project Meißel foregrounds the local inclusion of sexual minorities by analyzing and comparing institutional processes and structures in 3 municipal administrations. This research is partially funded by the Federal Foundation Magnus Hirschfeld (BMH) and the German Academic Exchang Service (DAAD). He conducted field research as a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Manchester and was admitted to the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program on Gender Studies at the University of Bern in 2018. He also took part at the summer school on "Collaborative Local Government for an Open Society" at the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest. Recently, he engages in fostering alliances and exchange, e.g. by organizing a session at the European Geographies of Sexualities Conference (EGSC) 2019 in Prague that builds upon contacts and objectives established during the IRS-workshop “Including LGBTIQ* into Urban Governance and Strategies of Regeneration” (2018).

Research Interest and Expertise

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Migration Studies
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Political Geography
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Ongoing Qualification Projects

For decades, urban developers and urban researchers have devoted attention to issues of ethnic and cultural diversity. Other aspects of diversity, however, have been somewhat neglected. Sexual diversity, in particular, has received very little attention in the German speaking world. This is why Jesko Meißel is studying the way in which “sexual diversity” has been constructed and incorporated into observable urban transformation processes from a comparative perspective for his PhD project. more info


LGBTIQ* Inclusion and Municipal Administrations: A Comparative Perspective on Institutional Dynamics in Manchester, Frankfurt and Leipzig since the 1980s

Including LGBTIQ* into Urban Governance and Strategies of Regeneration


Sexuelle Vielfalt als strategisches Moment diversitätsorientierter Stadtentwicklungspolitiken

Symposium Graduate School Gender Studies


LGBT movements, municipal institutions and the politics of inclusion

ECPR/EURA Summer School 2018


Diversity as a resource? Urban development strategies between economization and inclusion

Nordic Geographers Meeting 2017 - Geographies of Inequalities