Henning Boeth
Research Associate | Regeneration of Cities and Towns

Since January 2018 Henning Boeth has joined the IRS in the department of “Regeneration of cities and towns” where he is part of the DFG-funded project “Zuwanderungstrategien – Planungspolitiken der Regenerierung  von Städten”.  

Initially, he completed an apprenticeship as a travel agent before he studied applied geography and spatial planning (B.Sc.) at the university of Trier and urban geography (M.A.) at Humboldt-University Berlin and Arizona State University. He graduated his M.A based on his thesis analyzing the influence of local interest groups on local city-development strategies in the Megaregion Arizona Sun Corridor. Based on his dual background of planning and geography, his research focus is on migration, growth management and its implications on city development and planning. Prior to joining the IRS, he worked in several research projects at the German Institute for Urban Affairs.

Research Interest and Expertise

Research Foci
Governance Research
Small and Medium Sized Cities
Migration Studies
Urban Research
Urban Planning and Development
Urban Geography
Spatial Planning
Foci in Methods and Concepts
Case Study Design
Document Analysis
Expert Interviews
Secondary Analysis


Ongoing Third-party Funded Projects

Many cities are reliant on immigration to turn their declining populations back into growing ones. Nevertheless, despite the increasing competition for younger inhabitant, students, and qualified professionals, as well as widespread growth policies, cities have to date barely developed their own immigration strategies. The management of immigration has so far been seen as the task of national migration regimes. When it comes to local integration policies, cities react solely to the influx of migrants and the national allocation of refugees and asylum seekers. A linkage between urban-development and integration concepts rarely takes place. more info


Reurbanisierung von Mittelstädten: Planungspolitiken und Governance-Formen

Deutscher Kongress für Geographie 2019


Reurbanisierungspolitiken in Mittelstädten

Dezembertagung des DGD-Arbeitskreises Städte und Regionen in Kooperation mit dem BBSR


(Planned) Reurbanization and local politics in medium-sized cities

ARL International Summer School 2018


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