Carla Aßmann
Research Associate | Department for Historical Research

Carla Aßmann is a scientific assistant of the Department for Historical Research and works on the lead project “The ‘Car-Oriented City’ as an Area of Conflict. Open Space Planning in Inner-City Areas as an Urbanisation Strategy in East and West Germany”. Additionally she is writing her PhD-thesis about modern mass housing of the 1960s in Germany and France. The thesis is a product of the Leibniz-Graduate-School “Disappointment in the 20th Century”, a joint program of the Institut für Zeitgeschichte München-Berlin and the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.

Carla Aßmann graduated with a BA in Cultural Studies from the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder and continued her studies with a master’s degree in Historical Urban Studies at Technische Universität Berlin. After graduation she worked as a freelancer on research projects and exhibitions in the field of Urban History.     

Portrait: © Fotostudio Neukölln

Research Interest and Expertise

Research Foci
Urban Planning and Development
Mobility Studies
Urban Research
Urban Restructuring and Renewal
Urban and Regional Sociology
Historical Urban Research
Foci in Methods and Concepts
Case Study Design
Hermeneutic Approaches
Comparative History
Content Analysis
Text Analysis


Ongoing Lead Projects

After 1945, European cities were developed in ways to accommodate road traffic and related mobility patterns. This led to conflicting trends: while the planning principle of the “car-friendly city” was increasingly losing popularity from the 1970s onwards, mobility and car traffic continued to increase in many cities. The lead project investigates central, hitherto unexamined contradictions within these developments by means of several historical case studies. The projects analysis in detail the role of municipal actors, planners and the public, the reshaping of the building stock through street expansion projects, and the link between road traffic and the shaping of open urban space. more info

Selected Publications by Year

Aßmann, C. (2018). Phönix aus Beton: Erneuerung durch Kritik in der Architektur der 1960er Jahre. Trajectoires, (11).

Selected Publications by Type

Journal Articles
Aßmann, C. (2018). Phönix aus Beton: Erneuerung durch Kritik in der Architektur der 1960er Jahre. Trajectoires, (11).


From Z.U.P. to Zone

Urban History Group Conference 2017: Boundaries and Jurisdictions: Defining the Urban

March/31/2017 London