Alica Repenning
Research Associate | Dynamics of Economic Spaces

In February 2019, Alica Repenning began working as a research associate in the lead project ‘Platform Ecologies: Creative Collaboration among Virtual and Concrete Spaces - The Example of Fashion Design’ at the research department ‘Dynamics of Economic Spaces’.

In December 2018 Alica Repenning graduated as a Master of Science in Human Geography with a specialization in urban and economic geography at Copenhagen University. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Geography from Heidelberg University. In the course of her studies, she spent a semester abroad at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom. Additionally, she gained work experiences as a freelance translator; she worked with innovations in Infrastructure and mobility for the Modell-Region of Schleswig-Flensburg and in the field of journalism.

In her dissertation project, she is going to explore the interplay of material and immaterial spaces in urban spaces of innovation.


Ongoing Lead Projects

The lead project focalizes digital online platforms as well as their relevance for design processes in the fashion industry. Thus, it addresses the question, to what extent creative collaboration can be digitalized. All platforms have in common that they enact specific interfaces between the ‘concrete’ and the ‘virtual’ world, at which human actions are translated into data and vice versa. The lead project analyses how different specialized digital platforms are used in design processes, and which spatial patters and divisions of labour in creative work emerge as a consequence. The advance of digital platforms into a formerly more analogue industry like fashion bears the potential to fundamentally change spatial arrangements of creativity-based value creation, to the benefit or at the expense of established creative centres. more info


Räumliche Einbettung von Plattform Ökologien

NKG XVII: Technocultures & Technoscapes


Platforms and Cities: The Interrelation of Concrete and Virtual Space in the Making of Fashion Cities

IRS Spring Academy 2019

Leibniz-Institut für Raumbezogene Sozialforschung, Erkner, Germany