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Excellent research requires outstanding researchers. In particular in the social sciences, where research happens without expensive large-scale equipment or other infrastructure, the staff members are the crucial resource. This is in particular the view of the IRS, which thus supports motivating and inspiring working conditions. The IRS understands itself as a place of learning, where overlaps of the goals of the Institute and the staff members´ personal career goals are productively searched for and exploited. Among this there count measures of individual support – such as for doctoral candidates and post-docs – just like the reconciling of career and family life. Among the Institute´s matters of course there count, among others, adequate resources, ínspiration by high-ranking, internal events, the transfer of responsibilities as well as offers of further education and further development.

Part of the further development of the Institute and its staff members is also its extensive, strategic networking. Thus, in the context of its strategy of internationalisation the IRS also supports foreign stays for the purpose of research and networking as well as temporary stays of foreign scientists at the IRS, who provide research at the IRS with new ideas and perspectives.   

New Colleagues

Jannik Noeske has been working as a documentalist in the Research Area Contemporary History and Archive since July 2022 and is in charge of the BMBF-funded joint project Stadtwende. At the same time, he works as a research associate at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, where he is working on a sub-project in the same research project. Jannik Noeske studied urban studies in Weimar and Venice and graduated in 2018 with a planning history thesis on the university in Frankfurt am Main.


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