Research Management and Communication

The Research Management and Communication office supports the director and the researchers in strategic issues and matters of communication that arise in connection to excellent research. In addition, the office coordinates interdepartmental activities regarding research planning, knowledge transfer and institutionalised collaboration with academic partners.

The office also supports researchers applying for third-party funding from national and international funding schemes, and it is responsible for monitoring research results and services for reporting purposes. In order to do this, the IRS uses the research information system PURE by Atira, which has been in operation since 2015. The IRS has been one of the first research institutes of the Leibniz Association using an advanced research information system.

Furthermore, the office is responsible for editing the IRS website and for the publication of media such as the institute's own magazine “IRS aktuell” and the “IRS Annual”. The organisation of academic sessions and knowledge transfer events such as "IRS Lectures on Society and Space" or the series of regional talks “Regionalgespräche” complete the portfolio.

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For the IRS as a member of the Leibniz Association it is a constitutive aspiration according to the motto “theoria cum praxi” to see the transfer of knowledge as an integral permanent task. Hence it is a significant part of the research agenda: in the research programs basic research, applied research as well as the dialogue with the practical world are planned in close coordination. more infos

The service unit "Research Management and Communication" maintains close ties to media outlets, and influences public discourse by introducing specific research topics and communicating research findings through press releases. more infos

Research stays at the IRS are an important component of the institute's Internationalisation Strategy, which is implemented with the assistance of the Research Management and Communication office. This section portraits visiting researchers and provides information for stays at IRS. more infos

Planning, initiating and living intense cooperations is a tasko for both the IRS researchers, the Management Board and the Research Management office. On various scales - ranging from an institutional agreement to an individual guest stay - the IRS is permanently working on its scientific networks. more infos

The IRS is developing a management plan for research data with the purpose of archiving these data in a structured and well documented way. Where possible, the data will be made available to the entire institute and the general public. more infos