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IRS scholars study spatial and social developments in cities and regions. Within this context, they pursue research questions of societal relevance. The institute purposefully communicates research findings into public discourse and into the media, in particular. It is for this reason that the institute's office for "Research Management and Communication" maintains close ties to media outlets, and influences public discourse by introducing specific research topics and communicating research findings through press releases. The office also assists representatives of the press in finding suitable IRS experts. Furthermore, it manages various online and print publications, including the institute's magazine “IRS aktuell” and the “IRS Annual".

© fotogestoeber/
© fotogestoeber/

The expert directory helps journalists, researchers, practitioners and other interested parties find experts on specific IRS research topics. You can browse scholars by research topic, research interests, methodological expertise or discipline. more infos

Foto: © Stephanie Hofschlaeger/
Foto: © Stephanie Hofschlaeger/

The institute's knowledge transfer publications are instrumental in fostering dialogue between academia, politics, public administration, economics and civil society. These publications detail research findings and show in what way they might find application in different fields. more infos

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Current Press Releases




The IRS in the Media

Mietpreise im Fokus
(, 05/07/2018)
Mut zur DDR-Platte
(Sächsische Zeitung, 04/19/2018)
Als "Der Rhein" in den Rhein fiel
(SWR Fernsehen, 04/14/2018)
„Eine Perspektive für das Minsk“
(Märkische Allgemeine, 04/10/2018)
Nachruf auf Manfred Prasser
(FOCUS, 03/31/2018)
Orte der Zukunft
(RBB Inforadio, 03/25/2018)