06. May | 2020

Update: IRS emergency mode extended to 31 May

Joining the efforts to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, IRS has been in crisis mode since 23 March 2020 and will remain so at least until 31 May. All researchers and most of our administrative staff are currently working from home. The IRS crisis management group will decide whether the crisis mode is to continue.

The central e-mail address kontakt(at)leibniz-irs.de is monitored. IRS staff have remote access to their e-mail accounts.

The institute can be reached via its central phone number +49 (0) 3362 793 - 0 between 9 am and 3 pm. Please direct all inquiries to Ms Sachse under this number.

Currently, mail is still delivered and recieved regularly. Arriving mail is also forwarded to recipients within the IRS. However, delays are unavoidable. 

All events are canelled until 20 July 2020. This includes, among many others, the IRS Spring Academy "Spaces of Crisis", the IRS International Lecture on Society and Space, all IRS Seminars in this period as well as the symposium "Disruption". All participants, speakers and organization partners will be informed specifically by the respective organizers. All international visits to the institute are on hold. Currently, options for holding events online are being evaluated.

Use of the IRS Library and the Scientific Collections
The Scientific Collections and the Library are closed to external users until further notice.

On this page we will update you on all unfolding events.