30. September | 2019

Immigration and Urban Policy: New Special Issue

The nexus between migration and urban policy is a controversial topic. How can cities respond to immigration? Manfred Kühn (IRS) and Sybille Münch, Junior Professor of Theory of Public Policy at Leuphana University Lüneburg, together guest-edited a special issue of the journal disP- The Planning Review (disP 218 - 3/2019), focussing on migration and urban policy.

This journal is renowned in European planning circles and is published by ETH Zurich. The issue addresses the following questions: What room for maneuver to attract and control immigration does urban policy have? Which driving forces and resistance to immigration exist in local politics?

Four contributions refer to municipalities in Germany. Among others, Matthias Bernt (IRS) presents the example of Leipzig. Against the background of the current political discussion about a new immigration law in Germany, Oliver Schmidtke's contribution compares the local governance possibilities in the classical immigration country of Canada with those in Europe.

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