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28. October | 2021 - 30. October | 2021
Third International Conference of the Collaborative Research Centre (SFB 1265) „Refiguration of Spaces“

Since 2018, the collaborative research centre SFB 1265 “Refiguration of Spac-es” has brought together more than 60 researchers from the disciplines of sociology, architecture, urban plan-ning, geography, media and commu-nication studies. Following the central hypothesis of the SFB that the radical changes in socio-spatial orders which have emerged since the late 1960s require a new concept and theories beyond globalisation, the forthcoming international conference will invite renowned international scholars and a wide-ranging academic and transdis-ciplinary audience to discuss prelimi-nary research outcomes. more infos

15. November | 2021 - 16. November | 2021

During the past three decades we have witnessed nothing less than a digital revolution. Digitalisation refers to a long-term process in the course of which more and more parts of social and economic life are being captured by digital technologies and the digitisation of human action. Digitalisation can thus be seen as the most disruptive part of the history of the mediatization of societies. more infos

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17. November | 2021

The pandemic not only confronts political actors with the enormous task of finding answers to the infection processes and how to deal with it in society, but also researchers are confronted with new challenges in adapting their research to the transforming socio-spatial conditions. Former research designs lose their validity, field approaches have to be redefined, and social actors in public space become invisible. more infos

IRS International Lecture
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22. November | 2021
19th IRS International Lecture on Society and Space with Prof. Dr. Alessandra Faggian, Gran Sasso Science Institute

This IRS International Lecture on Society and Space will focus on the “human capital migration” phenomenon, i.e. the migratory behaviour of highly-educated, highly-skilled individuals. Much is known already on the determinants of human capital migration and also on the positive effects it has, in economic terms, on the receiving economies. more infos

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