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25. November | 2020 - 27. November | 2020
Sustainable & Resilient Urban-Rural-Partner

Regions are of critical importance to implement the UN 2030 Agenda including the Sustainable Development Goals, the HABITAT III objectives and the European Green Deal. By focusing on sustainable and resilient urban-rural partnerships, the international URP2020 conference aims at developing new urban-rural imaginaries, integrating strategies and projects that explore present and future potentials in terms of sustainability and resilience. more infos

IRS Seminar
Foto: Nir Cohen
26. November | 2020
IRS Seminar with Nir Cohen, Bar Ilan University

The settlement of African migrants in Tel Aviv's southern neighborhoods has elicited much resentment from long-term (Jewish) residents. Infuriated by so-called uneven urban burden-sharing, which worsened already poor living conditions in their neighborhoods, residents took to the streets against local and national policymakers as well as migrants themselves. The result has been a whole decade of tense relations between long-timers and new-comers. more infos

IRS Seminar
Foto: Jaroslav Ira
27. November | 2020
IRS Seminar with Jaroslav Ira, Charles University, Prague

In early 20th century, small towns became an important theme in Czech society. This culminated in the interwar doctrine, movement, and socio-spatial ideology of regionalism. More than just central places for rural surrounding or disseminators of metropolitan culture, small towns were progressively imagined as key agents in socio-cultural rebalancing of Czechoslovakia and counterweighting of centralism and cultural dominance of Prague, and as places, where production of original and high-quality cultural forms and ideas were possible and desirable. more infos

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