Registration for the Workshop "Urbanisation | Migration | Regeneration"

Registration for the Workshop "Registration: Urbanisation | Migration | Regeneration"
Thank you very much for your interest in the workshop "Urbanisation | Migration | Regeneration". In order to register for the event please fill out the following form. Due to the limited space, we kindly ask you to register until 22 August 2017.


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Building links is at the heart of value creation in fashion. The clothes we wear link us to the identities we seek to assume. They invoke associations with distant places or glamorous life styles. Sometimes such associative linkages represent a genuine bond between wearer, designer and producer. At the same time, dissociating the unpleasant aspects of a fashion item’s origin can be a prerequisite for its value appeal. The conference will particularly explore these absent or missing links in value creation. In doing so, we seek to stimulate debates about the interplay of quality, ethics, responsibility and aesthetics in fashion. more infos