16. December | 2016

Urban Transformation, Regeneration and Migration in Comparative Perspective

While the national governance of migration is frequently discussed, less attention has been paid to the ways in which cities govern the in-migration of new residents. This panel explores migration as a driver of urban regeneration considering both institutional practices of regeneration as well as the ways in which newcomers themselves shape the contemporary urban fabric.

Three distinguished experts on migration, citizenship and urban development tackle the following questions: How do cities employ their possibilities to govern migration? What are the opportunities and challenges for migrants to shape urban transformation? And how can research analyse the socio-spatial inequalities that emerge throughout these processes?


Ayse Caglar is Professor of Cultural and Social Anthropology at the  University of Vienna. She has researched and published widely on  globalization and transnationalization processes, migration and urban restructuring.

Jan Rath is Professor of Urban Sociology in the Department of Sociology and Fellow at the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies (IMES) and the Center for Urban Studies in the University of Amsterdam (UvA). He has published extensively on urban economies and ethnic businesses, and is currently working on the interplay of amenities, cultural consumption and the (new) urban middle classes.

Sophie Watson is Professor of Sociology at the Open University and former co-Director of the Centre for Research into Socio-Cultural Change. She has written widely on cities, multiculturalism, street markets and public space, and her current research is on Urban Water Cultures.


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Friday, 16. December 2016, 10:30 - 13:00
Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space (IRS),
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