The range of our events is based on the IRS´s self-understanding as providing both the sciences and society with information. In so far, the IRS events represent the lively communication of knowledge to the scientific community, however also to the sub-fields of politics, economy, administration, society and media. International and national congresses as well as other events, such as International Lectures, the IRS seminars or the Regional Talks, communicate the knowledge collected by our research departments while at the same time being open to new stimulations for research at the IRS.

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30. November | 2017

In the EU project “RurInno”, coordinated by the IRS, researchers are working together with social enterprises on the challenges and prospects of structurally weak rural regions in Europe. Social, economic and spatial research perspectives on one hand and direct exchange between research and practice on the other hand build the focus of the project work. In this context, the project consortium, together with Brandenburg Invest (WFBB), is organising a workshop on funding opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises at EU level. more infos

04. December | 2017 - 05. December | 2017
Social Innovations and Social Enterprises Acting Under Adverse Conditions

Structurally weak rural regions in Europe face multiple challenges. They have a below-average economic productivity because only a few enterprises from the fields of industrial production or commercial services offer jobs. If any, then mainly very small and medium-sized businesses are active in these regions. Furthermore, the regions are insufficiently supplied with technological or social infrastructure, also public transport is limited. Against this backdrop, the conference focuses on both the challenges and the potentials for social innovations in the countryside. Above all the specific economic, political and cultural framework conditions of structurally weak rural regions in Europe shall be discussed. more infos

IRS International Lecture
05. December | 2017
11th IRS International Lecture with José van Dijck

Online digital platforms, which are overwhelmingly American-based and operated, have penetrated every sector of American and Western-European societies, disrupting markets and labor relations, circumventing institutions, and transforming social and civic practices. Platforms steer users’ behavior and social traffic that is increasingly data-driven and algorithmically organized. They are gradually infiltrating in, and clashing with, the institutional processes through which European democratic societies are organized. more infos

07. December | 2017 - 08. December | 2017
Social Enterprises as Drivers of Social Innovation in Rural Europe

For two years the RurInno research and training project investigated how social enterprises in rural Europe foster social innovation and rural development. The Final Symposium provides a participative forum to share and discuss the acquired knowledge and experiences with academics and practitioners who do research and operate in the field of social entrepreneurship, social innovation and rural development. more infos

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