The range of our events is based on the IRS´s self-understanding as providing both the sciences and society with information. In so far, the IRS events represent the lively communication of knowledge to the scientific community, however also to the sub-fields of politics, economy, administration, society and media. International and national congresses as well as other events, such as International Lectures, the IRS seminars or the Regional Talks, communicate the knowledge collected by our research departments while at the same time being open to new stimulations for research at the IRS.

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IRS Seminar
16. November | 2018
IRS Seminar with Mike Raco | Bartlett School of Planning, University College London

There is a growing sense of urgency to public policy discussions over diversity and migration in western countries. Commentators have been queueing-up to provide broad-brush explanations for the rise of Brexit Britain, the dangers posed by Europe’s ‘migration crisis’, and Trump’s election victory. more infos

19. November | 2018

While there is already an established and growing body of research on the nexus of sexualities/gender-identies and the urban, this relationship and particularly its current manifestations remain understudied in many cities around the world. In particular, a bias towards Anglo-American geographies of (homo-)sexualities and gender-identities tends to dominate the field. Similarly, most research only depicts the experiences and dynamics of cis-gender and predominantly male homosexual movements and does not pay attention to trans lives or intersectionality. Finally, generalizations often assume false or incomplete similarities between different cities and sites on a global, regional or even local scale without sufficient empirical evidence or scrutiny for difference. Paying closer attention to the facets of inclusion and spatial appropriation in different sites, i.e. modes of urban regeneration and governance, thus allows us to enhance our knowledge about the actual contingencies, negotiations and spatial dynamics of inclusion. more infos

IRS Seminar
21. November | 2018

Thomas Wimark will talk about ways to employ empowering methodologies when working with vulnerable and (un)documented individuals. He will discuss this in the light of his current work with queer refugees in Sweden. more infos

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