The range of our events is based on the IRS´s self-understanding as providing both the sciences and society with information. In so far, the IRS events represent the lively communication of knowledge to the scientific community, however also to the sub-fields of politics, economy, administration, society and media. International and national congresses as well as other events, such as International Lectures, the IRS seminars or the Regional Talks, communicate the knowledge collected by our research departments while at the same time being open to new stimulations for research at the IRS.

Upcoming Events

Workshop Talk
18. January | 2018 - 19. January | 2018

Im Mittelpunkt der 15. Konferenz der Reihe stehen erneut internationale Perspektiven. Die Themenpalette umfasst Architekturexporte der DDR in das östliche wie westliche Ausland, so unter anderem nach Bulgarien und Nordkorea. Ein zweiter großer Themenblock beschäftigt sich mit Fragen der medialen Rezeption von Architektur und Städtebau der DDR. more infos

Transfer Event
25. January | 2018

In vielen Orten entwickeln Menschen sozial-innovative Ansätze, um den lokalen Herausforderungen zu begegnen. Nicht selten brauchen sie aber Unterstützung, um Projekte zu starten oder den Anforderungen der Projektarbeit gerecht zu werden. Die Veranstaltung beschäftigt sich mit Förderstrategien und Förderstrukturen für soziale Innovationen auf dem Land. Dabei kommen Wissenschaftler und Förderer zu Wort und beantworten die Frage, auf welche vielfältige Weise neuartige Ansätze und Engagement unterstützt werden können. more infos

IRS Spring Academy
22. May | 2018 - 25. May | 2018
Investigating Space(s): Current Theoretical and Methodological Approaches: Virtuality and Socio-Materiality

In the past two decades the interdisciplinary field between spatial and social sciences has undergone an extraordinarily dynamic development with a high potential for innovation. On the one hand, many social-scientific disciplines performed a “spatial turn” and became more interested in integrating spatial concepts and terminology. On the other hand, disciplines like human geography or spatial planning, understand space less as an exclusive object of analysis and instead emphasize a “spatial perspective” as a shared ontological ground. This has opened up a broad “trading zone” within which novel conceptualizations of space and spatiality are negotiated in an inter-disciplinary field. Against this background, the Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space (IRS) together with different academic partners and supported by the Volkswagen Foundation organizes a series of three successive Spring Academies entitled “Investigating Space(s): Current Theoretical and Methodological Approaches”. more infos

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  • Investigating Space(es): Current Theoretical and Methodological Approaches: Virtuality and Socio-Materiality
    IRS Spring Academy 2018
    May 22-25, 2018, Erkner
  • Breaking the Rules! Energy Transitions as Social Innovations
    International Conference of the Leibniz Research Alliance on Energy Transitions
    June 14-15, 2018, Berlin
    Call for Sessions is open until December 7, 2017.
  • Exporting Socialism, Making Business? Intercultural Transfer, Circulation and Appropriations of Architecture in the Cold War Period
    International Conference
    June 21-22, 2018, Erkner
    Call for Papers is open until December 20, 2017.

There will be more detailed information available for these events in the near future.