The range of our events is based on the IRS´s self-understanding as providing both the sciences and society with information. In so far, the IRS events represent the lively communication of knowledge to the scientific community, however also to the sub-fields of politics, economy, administration, society and media. International and national congresses as well as other events, such as International Lectures, the IRS seminars or the Regional Talks, communicate the knowledge collected by our research departments while at the same time being open to new stimulations for research at the IRS.

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Photo: Landratsamt Böblingen/Orange Edge
26. September | 2019 - 27. September | 2019
The Impact of Mediatisation(s) on the Construction of the Urban

Since the 1990s, the concepts and practices of planners have massively changed. At almost the same time, the development of digital information technologies has contributed to a shift in planning action and planning communication, which also modifies the ways of engaging publics. The relevance of participatory and cooperative (re)thinking, (re)planning and (re)shaping of urban spaces has become increasingly common but contested. Forming imaginations of urban futures within urban planning and participation, especially digitally produced visualisations play a decisive role in such processes. more infos

IRS Seminar
22. October | 2019
Photo: Eric Isselée/
21. November | 2019 - 22. November | 2019
International and Interdisciplinary Conference

Cities are routinely eulogized as harbingers of progress and emancipation, as the locus of innovation and creativity. And, in fact, the historical record of cities in engendering artistic, scientific or societal creativity from the ancient Greece polis over Renaissance Florence, Modern Art Paris to New York’s ‘Warhol Economy’ is impressive. More recently, though, discords began to mingle with the harmonious choir praising the allegedly greatest invention of humanity. The fixation with the unique affordances of urban places, as the critique maintains, has systematically impoverished our understanding of creativity in the periphery. To rectify this urban bias, a veritable stream of research initiatives has been launched more recently to push the focus of scholarly debate on creativity from center to periphery, from the urban to the rural. While this challenge of the ontological privilege of the center appears overdue, Edge is not intended to simply shift the view-finder of academic inquiry from one static territorial category to another. Edge rather pursues three more ambitious aims. more infos

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