The range of our events is based on the IRS´s self-understanding as providing both the sciences and society with information. In so far, the IRS events represent the lively communication of knowledge to the scientific community, however also to the sub-fields of politics, economy, administration, society and media. International and national congresses as well as other events, such as International Lectures, the IRS seminars or the Regional Talks, communicate the knowledge collected by our research departments while at the same time being open to new stimulations for research at the IRS.

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UFZ-Energy Day
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24. September | 2018 - 25. September | 2018

Understanding the challenges associated with new energy landscapes and exploring potential solutions is the focus of the Energy Days 2018. The conference will foster the exchange between land-use-oriented energy research at the UFZ and the national and international scientific community. Dr. Ludger Gailing, acting head of the IRS research department "Institutional Change and Regional Public Goods", is co-organizing the event. more infos

04. October | 2018 - 07. October | 2018

The evolutionary socioeconomic changes in Western Europe as well as the revolutionary turns in Central and Eastern Europe have contributed to a shift in the role of properties, which had originally been built as private land estates of the nobility. These processes have been accelerating over the last decades due to the restructuring of land use and land property. more infos

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15. October | 2018
The Governance of Migration and the Local Scale in European Perspective

How cities deal with the challenges of migration is one of the major questions of our times. The approaches chosen strongly influence the pace and dynamics of urban transformation. Not only did cities adopt similar housing and labor market policies in response to the influx of new arrivals, and at times deploy soft policy instruments to attract a specific type of labor migrant. Many cities also devised policies to foster the integration of these individuals into the host society. New alliances between civil society, migrant communities and local authorities developed especially with regard to Syrian refugees in European societies. more infos

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