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IRS Seminar
Foto: Aarhus University, AU Photo
05. October | 2020

In both urban geography and urban history, scholars have convincingly demonstrated how the modernisation of European cities relied upon the construction of intricate infrastructural networks and the extraction and urbanisation of natural resources. Few studies, however, have so far connected this development to the rise of welfare states and societies in the 20th century Western Europe. Focusing on Copenhagen, this paper addresses the links between urban water, materiality and welfare citizenship in 20th century Denmark. more infos

Grafik: Stefanie Brünenberg
12. November | 2020 - 14. November | 2020

The creation of architecture – from the first sketch to the built space – is always a result of an expert group working together. This idea indeed corresponds to a basic socialist understanding: Especially, the GDR attributed a “great strength” to collaborative working in architecture to achieve highest qualities, as the “political architect” Benny Heumann stated in 1961. However, even independently of the prevailing political ideologies, architects do not work in isolation from one another. Every planning stage and area of work of planners is interconnected and dependent on each other. more infos

25. November | 2020 - 27. November | 2020

Regions are of critical importance to implement the UN 2030 Agenda including the Sustainable Development Goals, the HABITAT III objectives and the European Green Deal. By focusing on sustainable and resilient urban-rural partnerships, the international URP2020 conference aims at developing new urban-rural imaginaries, integrating strategies and projects that explore present and future potentials in terms of sustainability and resilience. more infos

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