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Felix Müller and, by proxy, Gerhard Mahnken are available for press enquiries. They can assess whether expertise to answer your question is available at the IRS and establish contact with the respective experts. The IRS informs the media about current events with press releases that are distributed on the IRS website, via an e-mail press distribution list and via the Science Information Service (Informationsdienst Wissenschaft IdW).

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Foto: © Stephanie Hofschlaeger/

The institute's knowledge transfer publications are instrumental in fostering dialogue between academia, politics, public administration, economics and civil society. These publications detail research findings and show in what way they might find application in different fields. more infos

Current Press Releases

The IRS in the Media

Konferenz zur Tesla-Ansiedlung - Institut forscht zur Gigafactory
(MOZ, 06/04/2021)
Tesla und die Folgen der Gigafactory
(MOZ, 05/11/2021)
Chance für das Land
(Oranienburger Generalanzeiger, 04/17/2021)
Glanzlicht des Städtebaus
(taz, 04/10/2021)
Warum den kleinen Städten die Zukunft gehört
(rbb - Brandenburg aktuell, 04/08/2021)
35 Jahre Ernst-Thälmann-Park
(Die Kulturfritzen - Kulturpodcast aus Berlin, 03/28/2021)
Geschichte des Ernst-Thälman-Parks
(mein/4 - Das Berliner Stadtmagazin, 03/01/2021)