Transfer Publications

The institute's knowledge transfer publications are instrumental in fostering dialogue between academia, politics, public administration, economics and civil society. These publications detail research findings and show in what way they might find application in different fields. The IRS produces two distinct kinds of publications for this purpose. On the one hand, the "IRS aktuell" and "IRS Annual" magazines provide a journalistic take on the institute's social science-based spatial research. On the other, publications like the policy papers or status reports focus on the way in which research findings may find application in politics, public administration, economics and civil society.

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Since 1993 the IRS publishes the magazine "IRS aktuell". The magazine addresses the scientific community as well as a general public including politics, administration, economy and civil society. Since a major relaunch of the magazine in 2013 an english version is also available for download. more infos

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Since 2012 the IRS Annual has been published once a year with interesting and exciting insights into IRS research of the previous year. In contradiction to traditional annual reports the IRS Annual is designed as an appealing reader. Hence, we focus on vivid pieces on the different aspects of IRS research. more infos