29. Mai | 2017

Producing Space: Post-war Redevelopment as Big Business

IRS Seminar with Dr. Tim Verlaan

This talk aims to open up new perspectives on the politics of urban redevelopment
in Dutch and German cities during the 1960s and early 1970s. More specifically,
it examines the post-war expansion of Bredero, a Dutch private developer that
forged public-private partnerships with the city councils of Utrecht and Hannover
to get local urban renewal agendas of the ground. Within the period covered by
this paper, the political consensus was that the post-war economy, which was
dominated by rising car ownership, business and consumerism, had to find its place
and thrive in central urban areas. Developers such as Bredero were thought to
dispose over the expertise and financial means to swiftly execute redevelopment
schemes. This contribution investigates how and why local administrators and private
developers decided to work together in the first place, and how the expertise
and financial means of Bredero in particular were translated into the development
and construction of Utrecht’s Hoog Catharijne and Hannover’s Raschplatz schemes.


Tim Verlaan is an assistant professor in Architectural and Urban History at
Amsterdam’s Vrije Universiteit, focusing on the urban renewal agendas of Western
cities during the post-war era. After finishing his master degree in European
urbanisation at the Centre for Urban History in Leicester and Berlin’s Centre
for Metropolitan Studies, he wrote a PhD dissertation on the politics of redevelopment
in Dutch cities during the 1960s and 1970s. In the autumn of 2016,
he was visiting scholar at Fordham University in New York.


Angaben zur Veranstaltung

Montag 29. Mai 2017
15:00 -16:30
im Pavillon des
für Raumbezogene Sozialforschung

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