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IRS International Lecture
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20. November | 2019
15th IRS International Lecture on Society and Space with Chris Gibson, University of Wollongong, Australia

Qualities of distance, proximity, isolation and connection materially shape political economies of innovation, and infuse how actors view their activities within networks of production, exchange and mobility. The peripheral presents challenges and frustrations, but also freedom from metropolitan norms. For over two decades, professor Chris Gibson has explored aspects of creative production in peripheral regions in such light. In this lecture, however, he focuses on disruptions to existing arrangements, new and unanticipated, that arise from ecological crises and accompanying regulatory responses. Emblematic of Anthropocenic economic geographies, upstream disruptions to resource flows challenge existing norms and practices in downstream production, reconfiguring core-periphery relations throughout global networks. mehr Info

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21. November | 2019 - 22. November | 2019
International and Interdisciplinary Conference

Cities are routinely eulogized as harbingers of progress and emancipation, as the locus of innovation and creativity. And, in fact, the historical record of cities in engendering artistic, scientific or societal creativity from the ancient Greece polis over Renaissance Florence, Modern Art Paris to New York’s ‘Warhol Economy’ is impressive. More recently, though, discords began to mingle with the harmonious choir praising the allegedly greatest invention of humanity. The fixation with the unique affordances of urban places, as the critique maintains, has systematically impoverished our understanding of creativity in the periphery. To rectify this urban bias, a veritable stream of research initiatives has been launched more recently to push the focus of scholarly debate on creativity from center to periphery, from the urban to the rural. While this challenge of the ontological privilege of the center appears overdue, Edge is not intended to simply shift the view-finder of academic inquiry from one static territorial category to another. Edge rather pursues three more ambitious aims. mehr Info

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05. Dezember | 2019 - 14. Dezember | 2019
Zum Umgang mit dem Berliner Mauerstreifen nach 1989

Die Tagung diskutiert den Umgang mit dem Grenzstreifen der Berliner Mauer nach 1989 und dessen soziale, bauliche und kulturelle Transformation. Der im Abschnitt zwischen West- und Ost-Berlin ca. 42 km lange Grenzstreifen der Berliner Mauer (Länge des gesamten Grenzstreifens um West-Berlin ca. 156 km) war ab 1961 im Rahmen des Mauerbaus zu einer exklusiv militärischen, vollständig ausgeräumten und ständig ausgeweiteten Fläche geworden, deren frühere Nutzungen nur in wenigen Ausnahmefällen fortbestanden. mehr Info

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