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IRS Spring Academy
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18. Mai | 2021 - 21. Mai | 2021
Investigating Space(s): Current Theoretical and Methodological Approaches: Spaces of Crisis

There is little doubt. We live in times of crisis. Core functions of democratic societies, like the financial system, demo-cratic institutions, the free press or human-nature relationships are under severe pressure. Global problems, like in-creasing social inequality and mass migration tend to escalate while those political institutions that have been built up to deal with international emergencies, like the UN and WTO, experience a loss of legitimacy and funding. As a conse-quence, more and more political and economic decisions are made under conditions of high uncertainty and great pres-sure. In other words, they are made in crisis. mehr Info

Foto links: Michael Wolf, Penig/CC BY-SA 3.0/; Karte: Regionale Planungsgemeinschaft Oderland-Spree; Foto rechts:Leonhard Lenz/Eigenes Werk/CC0/
02. Juni | 2021

Seit der Entscheidung von Tesla, eine Gigafactory für E-Autos in Grünheide zu bauen, gibt es viele Diskussionen über das Projekt. Die Kommunikation zwischen Politik, Verwaltung und Zivilgesellschaft lässt dabei auch Konflikte deutlich werden, die dieses größte deutsche Industrievorhaben der vergangenen Jahrzehnte mit sich bringt. mehr Info

30. Juni | 2021 - 02. Juli | 2021

Crisis has become a striking and increasingly pervasive feature of the present state of the world. In the most recent past, BREXIT, refugee migration, climate change and COVID-19 mark only the most prominent examples of complex settings in which existential threat forces manifold organisations and political bodies to respond. A crisis is no objectively measurable state of affairs. Rather, it emerges, often surprisingly, if a situation is framed as featuring high degrees of uncertainty, urgency and threat by a significant share of the public. mehr Info

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