Podcast Society@Space

Im Institutspodcast Society@Space sprechen Forscherinnen und Forscher, aber auch Gäste des IRS über ihre Arbeit. Sie erklären, zu welchen Ergebnissen sie gekommen sind, warum diese für die Gesellschaft wichtig sind und was sie selbst motiviert zu forschen. Der Podcast erscheint quartalsweise, teils in Deutsch und teils in Englisch, und ist über die IRS-Website, über Spotify und über Apple Podcasts zu erreichen.


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Episode 1: Welcome to Nottingham, Malaysia

Geographers Francis Collins, Sarah Hall and Kris Olds discuss the globalization of higher education, the reasons for universities to branch out internationally and future perspectives on university internationalization in this pilot episode of the new IRS podcast Society@Space.

Episode 2: Müssen wir für den Klimaschutz das Wachstum überwinden?

Der Sozialwissenschaftler Timmo Krüger forscht am IRS über den Kohleausstieg. In der zweiten Episode des Podcasts Society@Space erklärt er, warum die Idee einer Postwachstumsgesellschaft für ihn eine überzeugende Forschungs- und Handlungsperspektive ist, und was er selbst tut um seinen Ressourcenverbrauch zu verringern.

Episode 3: Of Forests and Guitars

Where do the innovations come from, that will help us deal with environmental crisis and degradation? Chris Gibson believes that small-scale experiments at the margins - of society, of human settlements, of global networks and value chains - are the way forward. For instance, in the field of guitar manufacturing, which is threatened by timber supply shortages. Chris is a professor of human geography at Wollongong University, Australia. However, earlier in his life he also had a career as a musician and a radio host. In his latest book “Following Guitars from Factory to Forest” (forthcoming in the University of Chicago Press) he and his co-author Andrew Warren tell the story, how guitar makers pioneer alternative forms of forestry to compensate for the loss of old-growth forests around the Earth. This episode was recorded during the “Edge – creation and valuation of novelty” conference in Berlin in November of 2019.